Within each of us there is an unexplored landscape, a wilderness, a frontier waiting to be discovered. There are stands of ancient oaks, stark mountains, deep seas. And there are those structures that we have created for ourselves, from ourselves and what the world’s given us: Temples, Libraries, Schools and Homes. In this sacred, inner world, all our secrets play, our dreams come forth into the dark light, our universe is made.

Some of these places are perfectly safe and suited to our vision of ourselves as a strong, solid entity in our world. And some of these places may terrify us beyond belief. Still, it is our task to become fully aware of what dwells within us, to become mindful of our internal ecology, so we can more fully inhabit our lives.

There are no maps, save the ones we make for ourselves. There are no rules, except that we rule in this kingdom. We are sole sovereign of our own Secret Country and we are responsible for it. We hold its boundaries, we feed its people, we revel in its beauty. We are nourished by the flow of life’s gift within us. We are the Universe knowing itself.

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