Jenya T. Beachy
Living in Accordance with My Own Divine Will
And thus awakened, we proceed with the work and play at hand...
I am a Teacher of Mysteries and Magicks,
those Arts aligned with Crafting a Delicious and Powerful life of
Service to the World and your own Sweet Self;
using the tools of WitchCraft,
Divination, Meditation and Spellcrafting.

I am the originator of the Shapeshifter Line of Anderson Feri WitchCraft,
a dark and passionate path which explores Self-Knowledge and
Self-Healing, with the goal of coming into
full alignment with our Delicious Animal Bodies,
our Elegant Minds, and the Starry Crown of our Divinity.
I teach Shapeshifter locally and at a distance in a
long-term training format, as well as skill-based workshops.

I teach The Arcane Journey: Experiential Tarot
online and locally in the Santa Cruz area.
Through study, meditation, discussion and play,
you are led into a deeper relationship with
these Archetypes of Wisdom,
seeking them within yourself and the world around you.

See the Calendar for more details on these
and other upcoming classes or contact me for more information.