Jenya T. Beachy
Living in Accordance with My Own Divine Will
What is the Work of these Hands?
I am a practical Witch and Rootworker, which means that I use 'sticks, stones, roots and bones' to invite
positive change into my life and yours.

I have worked with my tools and allies for many years and have consistent dramatic success, especially in the realms of finding homes and money, and in seeking clarity and courage for life changes.

Generally we begin with a consultation to see what
the real issues and chances of success are,
then proceed with a program of spellwork.
This may include a series of baths, candles to burn,
a mojo bag to carry with you.
Costs for rootwork vary considerably based on what is required.

I am also a Diviner, using Tarot Cards and my own intuition to help
you sort through choices and make the
right decisions for your excellent life.
Tarot readings are $50 for a detailed online reading,
or $50/30 min and $90/60 min by phone or in person in Santa Cruz.

Please contact me for more information or to book a reading