Jenya T. Beachy
Living in Accordance with My Own Divine Will
The Arcane Journey ~ Experiential Tarot Online
Session 1: The Basics and The Minor Arcana (5 weekly lessons ~ $80)
Let us begin at the beginning: What are these things? And who do they serve?
Then we shall move into an Elemental and Numerological perspective on
the Lesser Mysteries, from seed and spark through fruit and fire...

Session 2: The Court Cards (6 weekly lessons ~ $100)
Let us journey to meet our Kin:
the Grand Courts of Pentacles, Swords, Wands and Cups.
The Royal Families of Earth, Air, Fire and Water
have much to teach...

Session 3: The Major Arcana (7 weekly lessons ~ $120)
Travel the Path of the Great Secrets, find the
Archetypes within you and gain new perspectives
on the Epic Journey that is your life...

Weekly lessons consist of written material, detailed meditations,
exercises, homework and extensive personal feedback on questions.

I will schedule classes as I receive requests,
so please contact me if you are interested.