Jenya T. Beachy
Living in Accordance with My Own Divine Will
Shapeshifter Feri Training ~ Session II: Into the Center
In Session II, the second cycle of Shapeshifter Feri Training
we enter the Center, seeking a deeper connection in our knowing,
a greater opening to our own Power.

We expand our understanding of our Selves,
through exploration of the darker parts of our Souls,
holding ourselves in gentle healing,
while we kick our own asses (as Rob Breszny would put it...)
We seek to achieve these ends through
focus in the following areas:

*In-depth exploration of Iron and Pearl Pentacles
*Crafting Personal Ethics
*Challenging our Beliefs
*Introduction to Shadow and Demon Work
*Creating our Own Reality
*Becoming Fit Vessels for Grace
*Exploring our Birthright of Joy
*Telling a New Story

Info on Distance Training...

If you are interested in Shapeshifter Feri Training, please contact me