Jenya T. Beachy
Living in Accordance with My Own Divine Will
Shapeshifter Feri Training
There are two ways to study Shapeshifter Feri with me: locally and at a distance.

Local classes consist of twice monthly meetings with an additional gathering each quarter for offsite Ritual.
Tuition is $60-$85/month sliding scale. Some work trade or scholarships may be available.

In Session I, the 13 month cycle of Shapeshifter Feri Basic Training, I introduce the Seeker to the basics of the tradition, and the tools and practices thereof, including but not limited to:

*The Doctrine of the Three Souls
*Breathing Power: Kala and the HA Prayer
*EnergyWork and Play
*The Warrior Tradition
*Divination and Discernment
*Daily Practice
*Lore of the Gods and Guardians
*Introduction to the Iron and Pearl Pentacles

Info on Session II: Feri Intermediate...
Info on Distance Training...

If you are interested in Shapeshifter Feri Training, please contact me